23 Vanguard, 18x38 Duck Hunting Boat


Why GO-DEVIL? Because with nearly 40 years of experience working with the GO-DEVIL, we possess knowledge that no one else can duplicate. Every nut, bolt and weld is in place as a result of years of testing and use in real situations. Our engines are designed for and tested in the harshest shallow water environments that we can find. The benefit of 35 years of experience accompanies each product that leaves our shop. It is that experience that allows us to continue to produce the best products available to outdoorsmen, and that experience that gives us the ability to care for you with customer service that is second to none!


  • We Pioneered the Shallow Water Outboard and Boat Industry
  • An Extensive Dealer Network for Our Products
  • Impeccable Service. If There is an Issue – You Get Coco Himself!
  • Practically Designed Products that are Easily Serviced
  • Highest Quality Components and Hand-Built Equipment
  • All Engine and Boat Products Backed by Best Warranty in the Industry
  • We Stock Everything to Make Delivery as Fast as Possible
  • We are Intense Outdoorsmen, Just Like Our Customers
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