Engine Comparisons

LENGTH 58″ Shaft for Crawfish Model and 72″ Shaft for Standard Models 32″ Drive Length for 18 hp through 24 hp Engines and 36″ Drive Length for 27 hp through 35 hp
HANDLING Better suited for stand up operations, although practical for sit down operation. Balanced pivot point makes it effortless to lift prop out of the water Better suited for both sit down or stand up operations, balanced pivot point makes it effortless to lift prop out of the water
SPEED Longtails range in speed from approximately 10 mph for our 6.5 hp model to 22 mph for our 35 hp model. Speeds will vary based on loads, but in general, longtail engines are quicker with long and narrow boats. All speeds posted on this website are GPS recorded on GO-DEVIL Boats Surface Drives range in speed from approximately 20 mph for our 18 hp to nearly 30 mph for our 35 hp Speeds will vary based on loads, but in general, surface drive engines are quicker on wider boats. Length factor is less significant with surface drive engines as our 16′ x 60″ Surface Drive Boat is one of our fastest models.
HOLE SHOT Longtails are quick out of the hole. They perform better for hole shots where the bottom is hard and water depths are below 8″ in depth because the props are smaller and fully submersed in these conditions Surface Drives are extremely fast out of the hole. Hole shot is exceptionall in shallow waters waters where there is a softer bottom. Because of the much larger diameter prop, surface drives take longer to get up where the bottom is hard and waters are less than 8″ in depth
BUMP/GRIND Hands down, GO-DEVIL longtails are the best for getting out of those sticky situations. Because of the longer shaft, longtails allow the operator to leverage a stuck boat and reach for pockets of softer materials to grind out. We highly recommend our longtail engines for cypress swamps and other areas with stumps and logs. The longtail has a better “low gear” Surface drives perform well in bump and grind situations, but are disadvantaged to a degree because of the larger diameter propeller. Surface drives are capapble of being trimmed down to grind out of nasty predicaments. The Surface drive has a better “high gear”
RUN DURATION Where runs are moderate in distance, GO-DEVIL longtails are extremely practical GO-DEVIL Surface drives are easier handling for long runs. With the added speed you get from the surface drives, you’ll be at your destination quicker
PRACTICALITY/AFFORDABILITY GO-DEVIL Longtails are very practical and extremely simple. They offer the most simplistic and affordable option to getting to your destination. Practicality and affordability is based on your situation GO-DEVIL Surface drives are practical where speed and handling are important, especially for those longer runs. Surface drive engines contain more moving components and thus have a higher price tag. Practicality and affordability is based on your situation
COMPONENTS GO-DEVIL Longtails are built with all steel frames with galvanizing as an option for salwater or corrosive environments, direct drive shaft featuring ETD 150 shafts, DOM tubing, upper bearing, lower bushing with spiral groove for hydrodynamic lubrication and virtually no grease consumption, pressure lubricator, constant velocity joints, kill switch, lever throttle for fixed speed, industrial quality engines, and many more features GO-DEVIL Surface drives feature many of the same trusty components as used in GO-DEVIL Longtail engines and also utilizes an ALL STEEL FRAME available in optional galvanizing, 50 mm belt rated for over a 100 hp, manual trim, adjustable trim tabs, squeeze throttle with spring return, the most rugged frame in the industry
INTENDED USE GO-DEVIL Longtails are, and have been, very effective in getting sportsmen to their destinates for over 31 years. Our longtails are the simplest means of shallow water transporation favored by sportsman and other commercial and industrial industries across the globe. Our longtails are time proven products capable of withstanding the most rigorous environments and offer years of trouble free and low cost maintenance. GO-DEVIL longtails are well suited for bump and grind conditions. They are perfect for shallow waters and hard bottoms and are recommended for moderate run distances. GO-DEVIL Surface drives are faster and easier to drive than traditional longtails. They are ideal for those who need to get up and get on plane and go! If your conditions permit this type of operation, the surface drive is the engine for you. The surface drive is perfect for sit down operations where it can be easily trimmed to the ideal setting for the load and boat. Once the engine is trimmed, you set it and forget about it. The only time it is necessary to adjust the trim would be to grind out of a nasty situation or when there is a major change in load
WARRANTY GO-DEVIL Longtails are backed with a 2 year manufacturers warranty GO-DEVIL Surface drives are backed with a 2 year manufacturers warranty
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