We pioneered the shallow water outboard marine industry and continue to represent it with quality products, dependable service, brand reputation and recognition, and a dealer network like no other.  Many competitors have come and gone through our nearly 40 year history.  Our products are practical, rugged, and timeless.  Our engines hold their value unlike any other manufacturer with every model since model no. 1 having the ability to be upgraded or retrofitted with our latest drive train technology.  We value our service to be the best and fastest in the industry.
Engines needs about 9 to 10 inches of soft bottom (water, mud, vegetation) to start from a standstill. That can be 1 inch of water and 8 inches of mud, etc. Once the boat is up and running on plane, it will be able to run in about 1/4″ inch of water in soft mud or 5 inches on a hard bottom.  Depending on conditions, Engines can perform without water in a soupy or very soft mud.
All of our engines run best on flat bottom aluminum Jon boats. Long tail engines run best on long narrow boats. Our surface drive engines being heavier run best on wider boat to give the rear of the boat more lift. Fiberglass and v-bottom boats do not work near as well as Jon boats.
All of our improvements are designed to fit on all of our previous models. We will continue to do this, allowing you to keep your GO-DEVIL equipped with the current features no matter how long you have owned your engine.
Although you can run your GO-DEVIL on a regular jon boat, you will get better performance on a GO-DEVIL Boat. Our boats are designed to be used with GO-DEVIL engines. They are all welded, .125″ aluminum and are built to withstand the environments that GO-DEVIL engines are designed run in. The slick bottom and round chine design allow to the boat to slide through mud and over logs and stumps. The GO-DEVIL Boat has the longest running bottom of any boat in its class allowing it to plane faster and perform better with the GO-DEVIL engine than any other boat.
We patented and pioneered the shallow water marine drive in 1977 with the introduction of the GO-DEVIL. Since that time, we have continually improved the original design in order to provide you with the toughest, most proven and most practical shallow water option.  Our reputation, attention to service, dealer network, and strong operational controls prepare GO-DEVIL to be in business for many years to come.
The bearing at the top of the shaft allows for more precise alignment of the shaft. Due to the fact that the bottom housing will be submerged in water, the GO-DEVIL is equipped with a bronze bushing. Over the past 33 years, the bronze bushing has proven to be the toughest and most reliable solution for the lower housing while not sacrificing speed and performance. What happens when water gets into a bearing on a trailer wheel?? – You find yourself on the side of the road!!! That is exactly what would happen to a bearing in the lower unit. Should the bottom seals ever fail, the bronze bushing will allow you to make it home!!
GO-DEVILs are built using air-cooled, 4-cycle, industrial engines. Therefore they are no louder than a typical riding lawnmower. The engines are equipped with a larger muffler to further lower the noise. A typical engine runs at 85-90 decibels.
The long tail engine and surface drive is available in both short and tall transoms. The long tail works best on short transoms (15-16 inches). The surface drive works best on tall transoms (19-20 inches).
We recommend a mid grade or premium fuel.
In most cases a 10w 30 is fine. In very cold temperatures lighter oil is recommended. Refer to engine specific manual for recommendations. We do not recommend synthetics until engine is broken in with at least 50 hrs.
No, there is no break in period required. You do need to change the oil after the first 10 hours and then only every 50 hours or once a year.
Any waterproof, high temperature grease will work. Normally whatever grease is used for your boat trailer hubs will work fine. We do have a GO-DEVIL specific blend available for sale.

Grease seals can last anywhere from months to years. This is dependent on how often you lubricate the drive unit and the type of environment you are using the motor in. Foreign objects can get caught around the shaft and cut the seals from time to time but is not a regular issue.
All electric start engines are equipped with an alternator to charge your battery. These engines put out almost nothing at idle and the rated amps at wide open.
Your engine should run approximately 4,000 rpms out of the water and approximately 3,600 rpms in the water at full throttle. The engine’s make their maximum horsepower at 3,600 rpms. A brand new prop will slightly overload the engine and run a little less than 3,600 rpms until it starts to wear. This allows you to have a longer prop life and less of a performance decrease as the prop wears. If your motor is turning more than 3,600 rpms in the water, your prop is probably worn and needs to be replaced.
That depends on the type of environment you are running your motor. Naturally a prop lasts much longer in a soft, muddy environment than a hard, sandy environment. If you are regularly running in extremely shallow sandy environments you may need to replace props fairly often.
Once a GO-DEVIL prop wears down a half inch in diameter when measured from blade to blade at their widest point it should be replaced for optimal performance. For example:

9″ prop worn down to 8.5″

8″ worn down to 7.5″

7″ worn down to 6.5″

11×12 three blade props used on all Surface Drives are measured differently. You need to measure from the center of the hub to the widest point on a blade of the prop. If the measurement is less than 5.5″ it should be replaced for optimal performance.


No, the prices paid at our manufacturing location are the same price paid at any dealer in our network.
The GO-DEVIL Grass Blind is made to universally fit as many boats as possible. The blind frame can go from a width of 49″ – 72″ wide and 10.5’ 17 long. As long as you have a flat place in the rear and front of the boat ( for example front deck and rear seat) to mount the Blind’s mounting feet to it can be installed on your boat with minimal modification. You can contact us for more information on if it will fit your specific boat.
It is imperative that you treat your fuel with a stabilizer.  It is recommended to disconnect your fuel line and allow the engine to run completely out of gas prior to storage.
Surface Drive Belts will require changing.  As with any belt used on automotive or lawn equipment, they will wear and age.  It is recommended to check your belt once a year and to change it every two years or if it is showing any signs of cracking, tears, or distress.
Our standard color is Olive Drab Green.  Galvanized frames and components are silver/gray.
Our Sales and Services hours are Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM.  We are closed on Saturday and Sundays and on Major U.S. Holidays. 1-888-490-3254 or [email protected]
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