Surface Drive Boats


The GO-DEVIL® Surface Drive Boat has many exciting features that will offer our customers the value-added feeling associated with GO-DEVIL® products. Specifically, the Surface Drive Boat features an extremely durable 1/8″ thick, hardened marine-grade aluminum hull (5086) and a large open layout with compartments for dry storage. For added strength, “V” crimps have been incorporated into each side wall of the hull. Also, the Surface Drive Boat has a large front deck which could accommodate a trolling motor for fishing or house gear in the optional below-deck storage compartment. The bow is pointed for maneuvering through tight conditions, such as flooded timbers. Seats are offered on a standard bench or on an optional split seat layout. Many other options are available on this boat to give it the customized look and feel that our customers demand. High Transom Models are available ($100).

Surface Drive Boats are designed with maximum bottom surface area which creates more hydro-static lift on the hull and thus allows the surface drive engines to perform at their best. The hull is equipped with tapered chines which provide the ability to slide of banks and obstacles. Longitudinal ribs provide maximum strength to the hull over logs. Surface Drive Boats track better at “low speeds” compared to the Duck Hunting Boats.

16 x 48

16 x 54

16 x 60

18 x 48

18 x 54

18 x 60

20 x 48

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20 x 60

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