Please call Go-Devil if you have any issues.  We are available Monday Through Friday to assist you with any issues you may have.  If Warren Coco is not available personally to assist you, one of our senior managers or technicians can assist you.  We appreciate your business and want to encourage you to call us!


Memo (No.4) – Bushings
Memo (No.5) – Fuel
Memo (No.6) – High Altitude
Memo (No.7A) – Crawfish Models
Memo (No.18) – Hard Starting Honda 5.5 HP
Memo (No.17) – High Transom Model
Memo (No.8) – Broken Propellers
Memo (No.12) – New Split Yoke
Memo (No.SD4) – Engine Handle Torque
Memo (No.SD1) – Surface Drive
Memo (No.SD2) – Surface Drive
Memo (No.SD13) – EZ Trim Lever
Memo (No.9) – Warranty
Memo (No.1) – Transom Height
Memo (No.3) – Cold Temperatures
Memo (No.11) – Lubrication
Memo (No.20) – Go-Devil Engine Under Water
Memo (No.21) – Engine Parts Warranty Policy
Memo (No.13) – New Seal System
Memo (No.14) – Water Trap/Fuel Filter
Memo (No.15) – Swivel Bracket
Memo (No.19) – Lower Bushing Noise
Memo (No.16) – Engine/Boat Size Recommendations



Service Memo (No.6) – Throttles Freezing
Service Memo (No.2B) – Fuel Delivery
Service Memo (No.11) – 23 Vanguard Running Out of Gas – Over Full of Oil
Service Memo (No.7) – 25 HP Fuel Pump
Service Memo (No.1SD) – Throttle Freezing Surface Drive
Service Memo (No.2SD) – Throttle Cable Z Bend Pulled Out
Service Memo (No.12) – Blown Head Gaskets
Service Memo (No.14) – 23HP Crankcase Cover Leaking
Service Memo (No.15) – Plastic Fuel Connector Failure
Service Memo (No.16) – Engine Starving For Fuel With New Fuel Tanks
Service Memo (No.17) – Corrosion on Engines
Service Memo (No.1) – Engine Dies
Service Memo (No.2) – Fuel Delivery
Service Memo (No.4) – Handle Hits Seat
Service Memo (No.5) – Lube Kit
Service Memo (No.5a) – Lubricator Maintenance
Service Memo (No.3) – 25HP Icing Up
Service Memo (No.9) – Lower Bushing Noise
Service Memo (No.10) – Hard Starting in Cold Weather
Service Memo (No.18) – 35HP Crankcase Leaking
Service Memo (No.19) – Engine Winter/Off Season Storage

How to Winterize a Carbureted Engine – Vanguard Engines

How to Winterize an EFI Engine – Vanguard Engines

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