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Mud, stumps, rocks, nothing stops a GO-DEVIL Longtail. Its reputation for unparalleled dependability and service has put a GO-DEVIL in every state and province of North America. Since 1977, duck hunters, sport and commercial fishermen have experienced access to areas that no other marine engine can deliver with total confidence . Confidence that comes from over 35 years of research and testing in hostile conditions such as heavy vegetation, mud trenches, cypress swamp and rock-laden rivers. It’s been called “The Four-Wheel Drive” of marine engines.


The GO-DEVIL Surface Drive Engine features the toughest frame in the industry, consisting of the perfect mix of steel components that will dominate all environments. Inside the frame lies the drive train. Designed with the sharpest of pencils, the drive train was engineered, hand built, and rigorously tested by our resident mechanical engineers and skilled shop hands.


The GO-DEVIL® Surface Drive FNR with Electric Trim contains all of the features of our manual trim FNR, except with a robust Parker electric actuator. The Electric Trim models still maintains, along with the GO-DEVIL Surface Drives, the industry leading tightest turning radius for tiller models. Navigating through shallow timber requires tight turning and the FNR does it best. The steering effort for Electric Trim models has be significantly reduced which results in increased operator comfort and true satisfaction.


The GO-DEVIL® Surface Drive FNR has been specifically developed to meet the increasing demand for speed, a neutral, and reverse gear without sacrificing the dependability and reputation that we have earned and have branded into our company name, GO-DEVIL®.


The GO-DEVIL® Center Console Packages are built for maximum comfort and versatility and utilize our Surface Drive Boat and Surface Drive FNR engines!


GO-DEVIL hunting boats are designed and built with the duck hunter in mind. Key features make this boat perfect for all shallow water environments. It includes an aluminum floor installed with nonskid surface, a slick bottom with no keels to hang up on obstructions, round chines to roll off stumps, logs and ditch banks, and a double angled transom for pushing backward in mud and stumps. These boats will not slide in turns like conventional square chine flat bottom Jon boats. A handle bar to hold on to while navigating through rough terrain as well as Perko® running lights are standard on all models. All of our hunting boats have flotation in the bow and side panels that meet Coast Guard standards. High Transom models are available.


Surface Drive Boats are designed with maximum bottom surface area which creates more hydro-static lift on the hull and thus allows the surface drive engines to perform at their best. The hull is equipped with tapered chines which provide the ability to slide off banks and obstacles. Longitudinal ribs provide maximum strength to the hull over logs. Surface Drive Boats track better at “low speeds” compared to the Duck Hunting Boats.


The most amazing duck blind you’ve ever seen. Built with the same quality as all GO-DEVIL products, the Floating Duck Blind will offer you a lifetime of enjoyable and comfortable duck hunts. Take the Floating Duck Blind anywhere you wish with the help of a GO-DEVIL engine or trailer. This blind lets you move when the wind, water or birds move.


With its strong, lightweight all-aluminum frame the GO-DEVIL Grass Boat Blind will provide years of trouble free operation. The perfect companions to GO-DEVIL Hunting Boats, the new GO-DEVIL Boat Blinds are available in 3 sizes and will fit most duck hunting boats.  The blinds attach to the boat using four aluminum bases. Once the bases are installed, the blinds can be installed and removed easily using only 4 d-clip pins to hold it in place. This allows for easy removal of the blind during the off season. No need to drill holes into your gunnels to permanently attach these blinds.


The Original Shallow Water/Weedless Prop! The GO-DEVIL Propeller is the most refined propeller on the market. With over 35 years of testing in harsh conditions, our props are designed to get you out of those sticky situations. Through the years, many companies have tried to build knock-offs of the GO-DEVIL propeller. None have proven to be as efficient, durable, and powerful as the GO-DEVIL propellers…Period.  We’ve tested these so called “copies” to see how they compare with our own. In our testing, we have seen GPS speeds on average of one to two mph less than the GO-DEVIL   propellers along with extremely poor performance in rough terrain and mud. Our props, to say the least, have been copied by many and perfected by none! Along with unmatched performance, no other propeller in the industry is backed by a warranty of its kind.

GO-DEVIL Hardhat with Light


GO-DEVIL manufacturers and retails a wide variety of options and accessories intended for your GO-DEVIL Products or your shallow water applications.  We stock everything from top-of-the-line fuel tanks, push poles, headlights, batteries, camo seats, engine covers, winch mounts, and many others.  Check out these features and customize your engine or boat package to fit your outdoor needs.


The GO-DEVIL Duck Picker consists of a Briggs & Stratton engine or a 1/2 hp electric motor combined with a duck picking head to quickly and easily remove all of the feathers from your ducks. There is no faster or more convenient  way to pick a duck following your hunt.  Available with a shroud which can accept a shop vacuum hookup to round-up feathers for areas you need to keep clean.

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